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Personal Pilates

The Pilates reformer is a versatile tool which we use to provide a full body workout in a 55-minute personal work out session or as part of your physical therapy plan of care utilized to enhance the effects of your manual therapy-based treatment session. It is a great tool to use following soft tissue and myofascial release techniques to allow for muscle activation and reeducation and improvement in alignment and posture and to help retrain your brain on proper movement thus reducing pain. Studies have shown that following a physical therapy session that includes integrative dry needling, there is a 15-minute window of opportunity for gains in range of motion. Adding on or allowing time for stretching on the reformer after your therapy session is a great opportunity to see these gains come to life. Your therapist will help you determine the modalities best suited for you to achieve your rehab or maintenance goals.

As part of your physical therapy plan of care, your therapist who is Balanced Body trained in Pilates is with you every step of the way providing hands-on verbal and tactile cues to enhance your performance, improve your mobility, and to correct or modify your technique to prevent injuries on our studio quality Pilates reformer- the Allegro 2- which is a perfect choice of equipment for rehabbing from an injury; improving mobility, strength, and balance; preventing injury and pain; and enhancing athletic performance. Pilates Reformer or Pilates based exercises may be included in part of your plan of care as indicated.

You do not have to be receiving physical therapy at Thrive to reap the benefits of personal Pilates sessions. If you are looking to accelerate your fitness goals, your Balanced Body trained Pilates instructor can help you achieve those goals with private one on one personal Pilates reformer training, see pricing.

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