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Treatment may include manual physical therapy, soft tissue mobilization, trigger point release, myofascial release, muscle reeducation, integrative dry needling, cupping, taping, instruction in home exercise programs and/or Pilates reformer training. Choose to thrive with improved quality of life, sports performance and happiness with your freedom in movement.

Free yourself from insurance dictating your wellbeing by discovering what quick access to quality hands on personalized care is all about. Ohio is a direct access state which allows you the freedom to choose to be evaluated by a physical therapist without first obtaining a written referral. With this choice you can obtain quick access to care which can potentially save you time and money allowing you to get back to being “you” faster. You have the freedom to choose whomever you want to see for your physical therapy care. You do not have to be seen by a therapist in affiliation with your physician or orthopedist. Physical therapists are trained to evaluate for “red flags" and your physical therapist may refer you to your physician or to an orthopedist if needed with recommendations for imaging as indicated or if improvement is limited. 


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